FDIC: Quarterly Banking Profile

Problem Banks

The FDIC creates reports on problem or troubled banks in the aggregate. We do not make the calgary mortgage broker details of this list publicly available. The FDIC does not, at any time, comment on open financial institutions.

Quarterly Banking Profile

Provides the earliest comprehensive summary of financial results for all FDIC-insured institutions. This report card on industry status and performance includes written analyses, graphs and life insurance statistical tables.

QBP Time Series Spreadsheets

Provide aggregate data for all FDIC-insured institutions for each quarter back to 1984 in downloadable Excel spreadsheet files.

QBP Graph Book

Consists solely of charts and graphs accompanying each quarter's publication dating back to December 31, 1995.

Statistics at a Glance

Provides data highlights for the quarter, as well as historical trends for FDIC-insured institutions (including Deposit Insurance Fund data). It is available beginning with the June 2001 issue.

State Banking Performance Summary

Provides key financial and ratio data for commercial banks and savings institutions by state and charter type. This Information is available dating back to March 31, 1995.

FDIC Quarterly

Provides a comprehensive summary of the most current financial results for the banking industry, along with feature articles.

Listed below are three searchable data bases that provide additional financial and demographic information on individual FDIC-insured institutions:

Call and Thrift Financial Reports

Public financial reports filed quarterly by each FDIC-insured mortgage broker calgary institution.

Institution Directory

Latest comprehensive financial and demographic data for individual institutions.

Summary of Deposits

Detailed information for offices and branches of FDIC-insured institutions.


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